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Sites for Learning Disabilities:

Reading Materials and Apps to DownloadESL 2

Free Sites:

  • Alphabet zoo: A great tool for helping young readers to recognize letter sounds.
  • ABC Phonics Word Families: Using word families to teach patterns in word sets.
  • MeeGenius! Kid's Books: Practice reading series with illustrations.
  • WordSort: Top educational app for older kids to identify parts of speech. Emphasizes grammar skills.
  • Blio: Helps those with reading disabilities to make sense of text.
  • Audiobooks: Collection of free audio-books.

Low Cost Apps:

  • Speak It!: $1.99 Text to Speech solution for students with reading disabilities.
  • Dyslexia Like Me: $3.99 Interactive children's book that helps students understand dyslexia.
  • Find the Letters HD: $4.99 A favorite of special ed teachers. Builds spatial depth, form discrimination, and concentration and attention.
  • Montessori Crosswords: $2.99 Improve spelling and reading skills through phonics-based exercises.
  • ABC PocketPhonics: $6.99 Teach reading disabled students the fundamentals of letters and shapes.
  • Sound Literacy: $24.99 With a portion of the proceeds from this app going to the Dyslexia Association, there's no reason not sign on! This app is incredibly useful, employing the Orton-Gillingham method to help students recognize the spelling of English Phonemes.

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